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It is going to help for you yourself to make sure that you work to discard mahjong tiles in the appropriate manner. Using several tips can help you to figure out of the best way to discard tiles that you might have in a game the right way. Here are a couple of things to do in order to discard game pieces the right manner.

The first hint on how to discard pieces would be to focus on removing all tiles that have the greatest values. This suggestion to discard mahjong tiles can let you get a score that is higher.

Feel free to lose game pieces here because wind tiles usually are not going to be useful to you here. It will help to see before you discard mahjong tiles like these why these tiles are on the playing board.

You are able to discard game pieces for the prevailing wind early if you've got them. You are going to lose the wind if players discard mahjong game pieces for it.

You should discard game pieces in dragon suits. This strategy to lose tiles may be used to prevent your opponents from getting three identical tiles. Do not lose tiles if you've got pairs of them.

Don't discard tiles of middle worth early. As the game goes on these tiles can be valuable. It is possible to discard tiles like these afterwards when your competitors have fewer options to use to discard pieces to get points.


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